Dear Daddy..
  An meine Lieben..
  Death Note

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I'm deeply grateful for our time together.
I'd love you for still beeing by my side.
But it can't be. I know that and I'm still trying hard to move on.

To move on without the essential person in my life who was always there any time I need to talk to someone while noone other would listen.
You always gave me an advice. You tried to help me however it was possible.

Did you ever know how I loved your rare smile?
You never smiled just for fun.
You always smiled, when you were extremly happy or when I did you a favour or said something else, that you were glad for.

I knew you would have tried to smile, when I told you that you were the best daddy on earth and that I am so glad about beeing your daughter.
But you couldn't smile anymore.
Your eyes were wide-opened and I don't know until now, if you ever heard me.
But I think you did.

That was three days before you died.
I'm glad, that you didn't have to suffer a long time.

Thanks for taking off all the pain we all felt when we all saw you suffer that much.
It was just the way, you wanted to end up your life, when you weren't able to be independent anymore.

Thank you for beeing the very best daddy in this whole world.
I'm not just saying this. I believe, that it's true.

Your little daughter.

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